The Royal Academy of Dance, Battersea

Screedfast supplied and fitted the insulation and screed to this project in Battersea which consisted of over 3000m2. The ground floor had a few different build-ups which included 155-190mm Kingspan K103 insulation, 145mm Kingspan GreenGaurd 300 insulation, 150mm Kingspan GreenGuard 700 insulation with 50-150mm Retanol Xtreme Screed. The basement store rooms had a 40mm Heavy-Duty Tekscreed bonded with M-Bond. The screed for both the ground floor and basement was Heavy-Duty achieving Category A and the levels all achieved SR1.

Screedfast Rad Screedfast Rad 3 Screedfast Rad 2 Screedfast Rad Retanol Xtreme 3 Screedfast Rad M Bond 1 Screedfast Rad M Bond 2 Screedfast Rad Retanol Xtreme 1 Screedfast Rad Retanol Xtreme 2 Screedfast Rad Retanol Xtreme 6 Screedfast Rad Retanol Xtreme 5 Screedfast Rad Screed Test 1 Screedfast Rad Screed Test 2 Screedfast Rad Screed Survey

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